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Got a revolution behind my eyes, WE've got to get up and organize...

Outlawing & Patenting of Plants- just say NO to GMO's and let my cannabis go!

If you would like to help see below...Love to you all... FireDaisy

From: Ron Kiczenski - littlebigman2013 -
Date: Mar 26, 2007 1:05 PM

In my last bulletin on this I announced that in two weeks we will be starting something big.
MANY friends have contacted me wanting to be a part, this note is to give all a heads up on what's going on and what you will need to take part.
What's up is that we will be announcing a class action lawsuit to be filed in federal court that will combine the issues of outlawing plants and GMO patenting of such (private ownership).
The suit will be asking for permanent injunctive relief from any and all laws that exist in perpetuating these threats to the web of life.
The causes of action will be based on threats of immanent danger to us all by way of these threats to the web of life.
We will be using all the scientific data that is available now to prove our arguments.
We will be making 1st and 9th amendment arguments foremost.
For this reason I am now asking you to prepare a simple statement declaring who you are.
I don't mean what your job is or that kind of thing.
What I mean is who you are spiritually/morals/ethics…the lines of boundary you have set for yourself according to your ultimate principles and beliefs.
The one requirement is that you need to incorporate this simple yet central reality:

--That you hold that you exist in a shared web of life which is interconnected and interdependent even beyond the scope of our possible ability to understand at this time--

You need not use my words, you just need to be sure to incorporate this belief as paramount.
Please read the following to get a better understanding about why its imperative that you and the court know who you are individually…I know all this seems sudden and vague in what info you have so far, but please trust that it will all unfold to your complete understanding and that in there you will have an opportunity to effect our entire world.

Excerpt from a conversation with a friend:
"ok the reason i ask about the case is because there are twists that's might not be visible to the naked eye in as far as their impact on case law.
I don't want to waste your time if you've already got this part, but please indulge me for a moment on this...
Semantics currently holds the day in the usa courts in regards to the 1st amen and "religious" freedom.
The word "religion" is just that...a word...
Many so called progressives have thrown the word "religion" out with the bath water in a suckers game while they cling to what they mistakenly tout as their bastion of freedom, freedom of speech.
As you know the 1st amen begins with religion, but the reason it begins with religion instead of speech is because in the context of the constitution the word "religion" means how you live according to your "beliefs" = the freedom to live unburdened by gov regulation unless a compelling interest can be proven by gov...
You must take private ownership of the word "religion" and so must everyone else who can understand this reality.
The conscientious objector cases teach us and the court that the 14th amen assures us equal access to the 1st amen even if you are an atheist...
What ever it is that you believe must fill the void where otherwise you might have a Christian or another of the big 7 "religions"...
This has never been done outside of those 30+year old objector cases and it is the key to giving every reality based "belief" system an equal chance at creating major change on all fronts.
Gov cannot find compelling interest arguments that suffice when confronted with a "religion" based on the terms of reality that is now substantiated by science...
that's why the latest creationism/intelligent design is a science/theory just as valid as evolution did not fly even one inch off the ground in new jersey recently...
now imagine the reverse...say that creationism was the standard and now you walk in with your 1st amen "religious" argument which is founded in the reality of nature and proved evolution as fact...ooops there goes the standard...
am i making sense?
"Religious" freedoms protection in the constitution is where you will find your unalienable rights...doesn't anybody wonder where they went???
the only other place to find them is under the rock of the 9th amen...and that's why our current case puts the 9th circuit between a rock and a hard place even as we speak..."

If we can even get a hundred different people to state who they are and that those terms will be construed as their individual "religions", then we will have a hundred different "religions" agreeing and filling suite on one central point of fact. That point of fact will be proven by the reality of science, and we will win the day.

If any of this so far makes sense to you, please have your statement ready in two weeks. More to come soon. Thank you

here again are the bulletins from this morning:

----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------
From: C.H.A.R.A.
Date: Mar 26, 2007 9:04 AM

RE Thanks, littlebigman2013 et al

----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------
From: littlebigman2013
Date: Mar 26, 2007 9:11 AM

Cinéma vérité

We are all interconnected

Every tree has a root system

Every organism on this planet plays a very specific and vital role. Every life form is equal, no one species is greater or lesser than the next. This goes for plants and animals alike.

When the human race takes it upon itself to try to challenge this everything is thrown off balance. You don't have to be a scientist to see our planet is currently in a state of ruin. Things have never been worse than they are at this moment in time.

Every single day the last of a species dies. This extinction is not by natural selection, but by the hand of human destruction.

Our ocean reefs are one of the most endangered ecosystems on the planet. For years our rain forests have been cut down and destroyed. This is not an accident. We are purposely destroying our planet over greed and human selfishness.

The field of genetic engineering has taken this destruction to a whole new level. Now instead of killing and eradicating other life forms we are also changing them. This is all being done in the name of money and profits. To rub even more salt in the wounds the corporations responsible for this are allowed to put patents on these life forms. This is wrong on every level. Our government has allowed companies to patent living things...

This has been going on in the United States for years with different fruits and vegetables. Money, greed and selfishness are not excusable reasons for this type of attack on our planet and the organisms that share it with us.

Now with the legalization movement for the marijuana plant rolling forward with full force corporations in Canada are already genetically modifying and working towards the patents on this special plant...

All life forms on this planet are equal. No one species has the right to privately own another. The web of life is being completely disregarded and we must do everything we possibly can to put a stop to this before we let it get any further out of control.

The time for change is now. Before it's too late.

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From: speedreeser
Date: Mar 26, 2007 9:05 AM

From: Mary aka Rev. Mary
Date: Mar 26, 2007 10:42 AM



MUCH PEACE & LOVE TO: littlebigman2013

I have seen Ganja Granny well intended plea for folks to contact their reps on this issue....
I am asking that you reconsider this request my friends...
we who are the true freedom fighters are about to take this whole issue in a different and better direction and it does not include going begging to criminals in any legislative bodies...
please read these conversations and i will be back in touch soon...
we are launching this coup of the "legalization" movement in about 2weeks...
please take the time to fully read my case in fed court before then as it will help you understand whats about to come down when it does come down...i know it is a lot to read, but please just trust me if you can because i think you will be glad you did in 2weeks...
here is some stuff to read first...
The legalization smoke screen...urgent topic!
This note was written for another of my friends, but I thought you might have something to say about what it says?

Ok my friend, if you really mean what you have said about wanting to learn about this issue you care about, then please read and deeply consider the following...
To put the following in the right context it would be helpful if you got to know the basic story of Monsanto vs Schmeiser:

It would also be helpful to have a basic knowledge of my case in fed court:

Also, before I go on I just want to point out that regardless of ones feelings on the matter, abortion would still be against the law had the law not been challenged in fed court and found to be unconstitutional...Where does it say in the constitution that abortion is unconstitutional?...It doesnt...

1. The three branch system is set up with the intention of checks and balance. As you know, a bill passes through congress and then is singed into law by the executive. If that law's effect on someone is in their opinion unconstitutional, the law is meant to go into the justice branch for redress. This is suppose to happen in the form of a civil suit for permanent injunctive relief filed by the violated parties.

2. The cannabis prohibition laws, as they apply to us all, have never been truly tested for constitutionality. More to the point, the very idea of even having the jurisdictional authority to outlaw plants has never been tested.

3. One must ask oneself why are there so many defendants and almost no plaintiffs?
Why after so many years do these "legalize" orgs still have no cases in court?
These orgs don't even hire constitutional lawyers to consult...they refer folks to defense lawyers while they spend all their donations on their own pay checks, big parties and inappropriate tactical responses to unconstitutional laws on our behalf.

4. Going to congress for some unconstitutional compromise on my behalf without ever even doing your homework and going through the proper course of action in response to an unconstitutional law in my view is not only negligent, but almost criminal.

5. If a law passed that would command everyone to drink poison, would you then stand up to direct your energies into passing new laws that would just exempt you or those certain few who you feel the urgency to help be spared from the poison, or would you challenge the law that says we all must drink poison?

6. When the orgs get their new medical and industrial federal cannabis laws(and be sure to know that they will) they will have only handed another species over for genetic destruction and private ownership...ironically in fact the very species that could have brought the whole GMO house of cards down if correctly challenged in the courts as they should have been years ago.
The orgs will have been defacto working for the corporations, not for freedom. So why do they preach freedom? Why don't they just say they have been trying to win the corps over to this issue for years while they could have instead been in court?
There's no money in going to court.

7. Here's a bit from a paper I've been working on, but have yet to finish...I just thought this part might help here...
Do you hold that all life is "sacred"?
Do you admit that your "sacred" world is being privatized at all levels as well as unnaturally assimilated into genetic enslavement/ownership?
Are you of the understanding that this push for privatization depends on the separation of everything that is in reality connected?
Are you of the understanding that war, hunger, destruction of the "environment" and so many other self destructive behaviors we currently suffer from are necessary policy tools of the false reality of privatization?
Are you of the understanding that the false reality of privatization and its modus operandi have now naturally lead us to a time of planetary consequences that could effect most human life to a terminal degree?
If you answered yes to any of those questions then please try to be open to understanding what must happen in order that we outgrow and survive these self destructive traits.
The time has come when certain "issues" and people must intersect and merge in a concerted effort in order to reveal the pathways of solutions to all other "issues".
The two issues that must come together as one are the issues of outlawing plants and private ownership of such as in GMO patents.
Where these two issues intersect is where there is grounds and standing in the federal courts to bring to bare the facts of the web of life.
It is in the establishment of those facts in case law that will create a legal foundation that can then have reach in effecting remedies to curtail all the deadly tools of the privatization, including war.
Those of us who are of the understanding that I speak to here must come together in class action law suits in every federal jurisdiction, all exhibiting the science that verifies the web of life/the birds and the bees, and all using those facts to challenge the blatantly obvious self destructive threats that plant prohibition laws and private ownership/GMO laws pose to our web of life.
The overwhelming facts of the common threat will of course be tied into constitutional and common law based causes of action.
Also please understand that this necessary undertaking doesn't need all of the world on board, it doesn't even need thousands, all we need is about 100 sincere and dedicated real people with residencies collectively accounting for all the federal district court circuits across the land.---

I've got to go now, but please get back with me on your feeling about what youve read here.
Thank you,

also please note this bit...
"Cannabis legalization"
Is that all you think of when you hear that term?
I know that's all government wants you to think of and it seems that's all the "legalize" organizations want you to think of as well, but why not think on it a bit deeper?
Science has now proved that we are part of an interconnected interdependent web of life that includes cannabis and all other life that exists.
If all life is necessary and a part of each other then how has government any authority to outlaw life?
Further, how has government any authority to issue patents on life ie..GMO's?
The outlawing and genetic altering of life threatens the web of life and therefor threatens our very existence.
The quest for freedom, truth and sustainable life intersects directly with the outlawing and owning of plant species.
It is there that the one can "get two birds with one stone" as they say...(never much cared for that saying),
if one engages the courts as a plaintiff on the issue of cannabis legality based on the true reality that no specie can be outlawed, then one would simultaneously be revealing why no specie can be privately owned.
We must STOP all this desperately infantile looking to congress to further do the wrong thing!
We must circle the wagons for court.
The following i have said many times before, but it is the core of what must be understood to do the right thing at the right time which is now.
I am all that I am made of...I am made of everything that is or ever was...therefor I am made of you and you are made of me...
As well, all that comes after us will be made of us and will be us...
Knowing who and what you are is the most powerful thing a human is that awareness that can prevail against the call of is that same awareness that can be the turning factor on all other fronts...
Engaging the root truth of why they cannot outlaw plants will also expose in case law the very foundational truth of why we cannot make war or destroy our environment because to destroy life is to destroy ourselves.
Please think again before you go along with the pide piping of the "legalization" organizations...think for yourself...think about the bigger picture...think about what we will be leaving to those who come after us...
We've got to get ourselves back to the garden, we don't need new bad laws to get us there, we just need to check and balance and strike down the existing laws that go to outlaw and privately own what belongs to us all because it is us...
Cannabis can help us evolve or it can be handed to the corps because we don't know who we are or even our own system of justice well enough to do the right thing...
Don't settle for a slower death my friends...choose life...
Please consider this very important attempt to help humans do the right thing...
We will be bringing something REAL you can do in two weeks, untill then please please please stop drop and roll and rethink!
i'll be in touch soon, thanks for your serious consideration on this matter.
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