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join BRFJ or atleast help please

i was visted by the Johovah's witness's today and i told them that "No i dont want a pamphlet and no, the bible doesnt do anything for me" ,they said "thank you" and carried on there way...but later
i thought man, whats the opposition to that (idea) or any idea closely knitted to that like other religions doing there "Spread The Word mechanichism" and i thought maybe i should make a news letter or something, perhaps a pamphlet and walk around to peoples houses and spread the word of BRFJ(Bong Rips For Jesus).
i quickly regretted not taking a pamphlet so i could just re word everything or have a good format for the propaganda i wanted to administer.
So Basically i need a rough draft or like a topic sheet or something..if you have an idea and want to share it thats great.
So far its based somewhere on theses tones....
* Idea change-to format another idea besides the ones that are just for control of the masses through fear of death and or otherwise Going to Hell.
* quantum physics/science backing up all stabilizations as groundwork for where this idea is going.
* Thus giving none fabricated, none fear dominated, none controlled Philosophy a chance.
* and the dismemberment of the notion we have that things are seperate when everything is really one thing or perhaps nothing depending on how far you get and having a picture for that to be displayed in peoples minds, kinda like when people think god ,they think Flying white old man with a white rag around his jewels.

well thanks.
any ideas please share
Sean Vanderbilt Damage
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