Your Friendly Neighborhood Webcomic Stripper (knowmebymylaugh) wrote in anotherway,
Your Friendly Neighborhood Webcomic Stripper

Does anyone have any ideas of what can be done to stop increasing food production in America?
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Salt the fields?
stop buying it, which would only mean more people relying on their own gardens/farms and very local supplies ( not a bad idea!)
Or buy American organic. You get less yield from the same amount of land through organic farming.
Lobby against farming subsidies.
Not have children and promote the idea to others.
Well one thing would be to get more people to go vegetarian or vegan. Raising food to feed to cows and chicken and stuff like that is HIGHLY inefficient. It would be smarter and more efficient if we skipped the whole animal part and just ate the grains and corn ourselves.

Another was mentioned above, lobbying against farm subsidies.
Another would be to eat entirely a diet from dumpster diving.
The only way farmers will ever stop producing as much food as they can is if it doesn't make them money any more, or if they're all convinced that the future of mankind is more important than money. Even if Americans stop buying so much food, there will still be people buying the food and sending it to starving people in developing countries.

I guess my answer is that you'd have to convince people in general that we humans in fact are not gods, and we need to stop acting as such.