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Friends of Ishmael!

I'm a new reader of Ishmael and I've got to admit, I'm quite overwhelmed with how much of this I didn't already know. I knew a great majority of what Ishmael and the protagonist speaks of, but there was also so much I didn't really think about before. It's getting to be quite a great read and I'm rather riveted.

It's nice to finally find other Leavers, I started to think that my two friends and I were alone in our methods of thought. I've orbited the sun seventeen times, have taken an interest in drawing anthropomorphic things as a means of expression, and am mated to another wonderful reader of Ishmael, Kawazu, who introduced me to the book. I'm not vegetarian, and UrbEx whenever I find the chance to. I love to longboard and hope to get introduced to surfing some day.

I am currently growing up in the horror of a white suburban neighbourhood, with yuppies who live on their own, yet own SUV's, or with middle-class white folk with 2.5 kids and a pomeranian.

I'm quite content with living in the suburbs, but it's just now starting to freak me out. I figure it has to do with my having grown up with this. I'm amazed I didn't get brainwashed by Mother Culture, after living in the heart of downtown Toronto, it kinda gets to you after a while. Living this close to the forest has lulled me into a false sense of security, that even though all this new development is growing around me, I still have false tranquility to seclude myself in.

My only ray of hope, however, is soon to be demolished by steamrollers and gigantic digging machines, bent on destroying natures natural beauty in order to make room for other rich folk to blow their money on a house too big for them. Seriously, it's just me, my mom, my dad and my dog living here, we don't need a basement, why the hell do we have it?

I'm at a loss for what to do, a couple of friends and I hauled two cement blockades in front of the entryway to the future construction site, and painted, "NO SUBDIVISION" on the front. However, that's all we planned on doing, and the Government still has other ideas. Any suggestions?

Wow, this turned out to be longer than it thought it would when I started typing.
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