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The "Leavers" Community's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
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i just want to be REAL and let the chips fall where they may! [08 Apr 2010|09:22am]

in case you wanna "listen" to what is going on with my inner self here is my latest:
i wanna let go of trying to PROVE anything to anyone. i just want to be REAL and let the chips fall where they may!

i am AWAKE to how much of a 'CHAMELEON' i have been in my relationships- bending myself to fit others. does not work. fake. not truth
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Friends of Ishmael! [16 Jul 2008|04:20pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

I'm a new reader of Ishmael and I've got to admit, I'm quite overwhelmed with how much of this I didn't already know. I knew a great majority of what Ishmael and the protagonist speaks of, but there was also so much I didn't really think about before. It's getting to be quite a great read and I'm rather riveted.

Whoops, I spilled my mind on your webpage..Collapse )
Wow, this turned out to be longer than it thought it would when I started typing.

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Hi! [02 Jul 2008|09:38pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

I read Ishmael and Endgame by Derrick Jensen and it changed my life... and I read them because I found this guy ZZZ33333 on Youtube. His videos are great! I would also check out BBBLEAVER! 

: )

....With man gone, will there be hope for gorilla?
With gorilla gone, will there be hope for man??????

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12,000 year old temple site in eastern Turkey [27 Apr 2008|03:44pm]

Also links to Youtube videos :-)

[17 Sep 2007|11:57pm]

Does anyone have any ideas of what can be done to stop increasing food production in America?
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Fire The Grid [16 Jul 2007|10:55am]


[18 May 2007|01:28pm]
Just got this from Pugetish of Yahoogroups. Pass it on?

Wanted to pass along info about this opportunity, a month long permaculture internship in Hawaii, that includes the Heart of Now workshop. And it's a pretty amazing deal, $600 including
room and board. Check it out:

http://www.permacul ture-hawaii. com/internapplysummer.html

And please feel free to forward this to any other groups, lists or people you think might be interested.


--- Becca Perry <beccap@efn.org> wrote:
Subject: [Full Cup] Permaculture and Heart of Now in Hawaii!

I want to let you all know about a couple of exciting opportunities in Hawaii this summer. Kevin and I are going there (both of us for the first time) to assist our friends at La'akea Community with
their summer internship program, June 20th - July 18th. We'll be teaching Heart of Now there on June 23rd-25th, as part of the internship. If we have enough interest, we will also teach Heart of Now the weekend of July 14th-16th. Both of these are open to the public as well as La'akea interns and residents. We'd love to play in Hawaii with you!
For more information about the internship, see http://www.permacul ture-hawaii. com/internapplysummer.html.
For more information about Heart of Now, see www.lostvalley. org/hon.

> Many blessings,
> Becca
> www.fullcupworkshops.org
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The Future of Food [21 Apr 2007|12:48pm]

i've heard alot about this and read quite a bit about it but this just hits the nail on the head ...to our coffin.


From The Sidelines [18 Apr 2007|10:50am]

Its the best suspense thriller going on!

thats how i look at it, but like everyone else i cant wait to see the end either.

theres some deep rooted seriousness in all this too, maybe thats why i view it all as a joke, because i'm a character too, playing my part, taking my cues..saying my peas . Affected by all the "what ifs" my mind can conjour up. Controlled somehow by myself, kept in line by everyone else. The saddest thing thoiugh is that i think everyone knows this and when they get to the thought where you take that monkey off your back,they get scared and run or close their eyes..its pretty sick.

Because they lack the vision too see something, whats real, whats actually going on and know its all right. They, or we are just caught up in something called domestication or civilization or something that resembles a cage. The picture we are looking for is where questions takes answers place and solace found in that is as concrete as answers ever tried to be, maybe its just so simple...maybe its no so far off as it seems.
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join BRFJ or atleast help please [11 Apr 2007|03:29pm]

i was visted by the Johovah's witness's today and i told them that "No i dont want a pamphlet and no, the bible doesnt do anything for me" ,they said "thank you" and carried on there way...but later
i thought man, whats the opposition to that (idea) or any idea closely knitted to that like other religions doing there "Spread The Word mechanichism" and i thought maybe i should make a news letter or something, perhaps a pamphlet and walk around to peoples houses and spread the word of BRFJ(Bong Rips For Jesus).
i quickly regretted not taking a pamphlet so i could just re word everything or have a good format for the propaganda i wanted to administer.
So Basically i need a rough draft or like a topic sheet or something..if you have an idea and want to share it thats great.
So far its based somewhere on theses tones....
* Idea change-to format another idea besides the ones that are just for control of the masses through fear of death and or otherwise Going to Hell.
* quantum physics/science backing up all stabilizations as groundwork for where this idea is going.
* Thus giving none fabricated, none fear dominated, none controlled Philosophy a chance.
* and the dismemberment of the notion we have that things are seperate when everything is really one thing or perhaps nothing depending on how far you get and having a picture for that to be displayed in peoples minds, kinda like when people think god ,they think Flying white old man with a white rag around his jewels.

well thanks.
any ideas please share
Sean Vanderbilt Damage
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Interconnected [26 Mar 2007|11:48pm]

Don't just read there, do something :)

Got a revolution behind my eyes, WE've got to get up and organize...

Outlawing & Patenting of Plants- just say NO to GMO's and let my cannabis go!

If you would like to help see below...Love to you all... FireDaisy

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understanding [26 Mar 2007|01:50am]

we are all Ideas,
every cell, every atom is an ideal.
i call out to all the ideas reading this
and ask of Us to Ask for the next riff
of ourselves so we may embrace the tides that will bind us.

[20 Mar 2007|09:01am]

Hello - I notice this community isn't posted to all that often, but I wanted to write something here anyway.
Ishmael has become one of my "bible"s in a lot of ways. And I've just started to notice that some of Quinn's ideals have spread FAR beyond my environmental worldview. For example, the idea that "There is No One Right Way" has invaded my thinking to the farthest reaches. I've noticed myself having a hard time (which of course, is a problem in me as well) with people who think there is only one right way to do or say or understand something. They might even be willing to say "ok, your way is right for you, but this is my way, and I'm going to keep it."
I want to say to them, "how are you ever going to grow and learn, and even interact with others, if you only accept ONE RIGHT WAY?"
Perhaps the test of an enlightened mind (which I don't claim to have, but to strive for) is to be able to hold unlimited possibilities in your head, without judging or choosing between them. I noticed a post recommending the movie "What the @#$%@! Do We Know?" - this is one of the kernals that can be drawn from that movie - there is never just one right way to view or understand ANYthing, because things are always in motion, and nothing is as solid as it seems.

That's all I have to say right now. Peace to you all!
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Bees are vanishing [05 Mar 2007|04:22am]

But people from all demographic groups across the country are facing a much more frightening real-life situation: the disappearance of millions of bees. This winter, in more than 20 states, beekeepers have noticed that their honeybees have mysteriously vanished, leaving behind no clues as to their whereabouts. There are no tell-tale dead bodies either inside colonies or out in front of hives, where bees typically deposit corpses of dead nestmates.

What’s more, the afflicted colonies tend to be full of honey, pollen and larvae, as if all of the workers in the nest precipitously decamped on some prearranged signal. Beekeepers are up in arms — last month, leaders in the business met with research scientists and government officials in Florida to figure out why the bees are disappearing and how to stop the losses. Nobody had any answers.

Honeybees are the major commercial pollinator for, well, whatever you eat that isn't wind-pollinated (pretty much anything from any plant that's not a grass) in the US. Even some cattle feed is bee-pollinated. The populations were already under pressure from parasites, disease, & pesticide pollution.

This is, no joke, a threat to the survival of our food supply. If this becomes a new trend, on top of the overfishing of the oceans, we're screwed. "End of civilization looms, join a Cthulhu cult," screwed.

I'm crossposting this all over, & I'm sleep-deprived enough to just be rude, but I have to say it:

Daniel Quinn never, in the Ishmael/B books, offered any solutions (except for that fuzzy romantic "tribalism" crap). He was just trying to get you to see outside the comforting lies of conventional wisdom. But in the end, when he started saying, "We're in the hands of the gods," (Which book was that? Providence?) he let apathy sneak back in. We don't need nihilism, or a peaceful embrace of our own irrelevance. We need to be willing to fight for the future of our planet.

And what or whom do we need to fight? Our fellow human beings, partly; those who oppose consercation. But also the threat of so much beauty being destroyed through our ignorance & laziness. I'm pretty ignorant & lazy myself. But we need to be ... we need to be like Dmitri Bilenkin characters, who see the pain & difficulty of the world, & work to fix things because we have no other moral option.
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[10 Dec 2006|03:17pm]

ever seen that Movie...
"What the Bleep do We Know?"
i just saw it the other night....
i thought it was good, i rewinded quite a bit because of the Epiphanical thoughts they described in it.
has anyone else seen it?
its insinc with sihmael, and story of B.
if you havent seen it, See It!
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The Confines of Modern Man's ... Primitive Mind [04 Dec 2006|01:29am]

The Confines of Modern Man's ... Primitive Mind

Confine- a. to keep within bounds;restrict
b. to shut or keep in espicially to imprison
c. to restrict in movement

Words are the defining confines of our thoughts.For Instance, take a moment and try to think about something,anything without your "words" describing it. For most even the concept is bizarre, but then even the symbolism should be... well just that, a total image-experience of the symbol (the mountian you see with your eyes and the experience in your mind )and not subjugated by "words".
So why then are there words? probably for things like talking,warning,art,communication... come to mind, but thats really the after effect of the thought or feeling.
Where does the origination for words come from? Well it all starts with the L.A.D.(language acquisition device) in our brains according to Noam Chomsky,linguist at MIT. Children have this innate ability to set perameters and deduce the grammatical principles when exposed to language. I also think any type of communicative connectiveness too can be absorbed or reflected in that with interactions with pets or trees or any type of relationship where the"individual"(from atoms to elephants and beyond) can connect to something else to whatever degree is also part of this L.A.D. I don't think its just built for language but for communicative concepts. So we are born with these innate abilities for understanding and interaction. On the clean slate of birth with just its innate fundamentals we start to condition ourselves, or be conditioned,absorb information or have it administered . The tug and pull keeps us at a constant war within ourselves.
"to be or not to be"


It is easy, almost too easy to think about how far we as humans have come in the past 1000 years,or rather even a hundred years,even Ten years. How "Smart" we are, How Much civilisation there is or how civilised our minds have become. Please take a second to think about this, civilisation is distiguished by people who live in "cities" and get there food from agriculture. Since 1388 the word "civilisation" has meant "law which makes a criminal process civil" and in 1704 it also meant the opposite of barbarity.
I argue that there is no such law(s). A law is something that is understood as a rule and concerns behavior and the appropiate consequences there of. If you take the human significance out of this equation ,then a good example beyond "words" is that gravity is a law, space ,& time for whatever proposed reality tehre is on the planet of in the universe. Our bodies understand these rules beyond our descriptions with words and civilised laws and hear say from the Jerry Springer Show,Fox news, Fear Factor.(NPR is o.k. though, 90.7 fm) If i throw a rock on planet earth, eventually it will find its way back onto the ground through the means of circumstance and gravity.
And what they call barbarity, which could be constituted as the opposite of civilisation would be ; Band societies, in which people live in nomadic or semi- nomadic groups and tribal societies. They usually subsist by hunting,gathering,small horticultural gardens,and fishing.They are more egalitarian,where decision making structures are less formal and power is more evenly shared.(wikipedia.org.civilisation) I am a barbarian.
Civilisation is also characterized by a social elite w/status inherited such as in Jello Biafras spoken word when he says," Why is it that senators are senator sons, of senators sons,of senators sons etc?" Its not that this is an interesting question but that since its so interesting,how come it never comes up?.Our minds after being man handled by false hoods riding on top of genuine innate characteristics are manipulated by words for control, conquest,and power. When JFK was asked why anyone would want to be president , he said "Power".(C-Span segment on how the press secretary's job has evolved since Lynden Johnson was pres.)
These false hoods can be summed up in what is called "Necessary Illusions". Heres how the Elite manufacture consent from the masses and what the Agenda/World Order is about."Most western democracies have not achieved the U.S. system of one political party, with two factions controlled by shifting segments of the business community". I remember Ralph Nader mentioning this in speeches he gave, but it didnt get absorbed because on most tv stations and radio broadcast in all controlled media. (pg 10 of Necessary Illusions,Chomsky) "Intellectuals are the primary targets of the manufacturing of consent, the public mostly just cares what their view is",not sound bites from Nader and then hour long news shows talking about how crazy he is for running at all when there basic message was winning is everything and only two teams can play in the Super Bowl of Bussiness as Usual.
In the state of things in our classroom and abroad through-out democracy i feel i should offer this also."Across the broad spectrum of articulate opinion, the fact that the voice of the people is heard in democratic societies is considered a problem to be overcome by ensuring that the public voice speaks the right words"(pg 19 Necessary Illusions)."The media serve the interest of state and corporate power,which are closely interlinked,framing their reporting and analysis in a manner supportive of established privelege and limiting debate and discussion accordingly.(pg 10 of Necessary Illusions,Chomsky,book).
Edward Bernays has stated that the task of the corporations through the media "is too control the public mind". The trickle down theory i think would apply better to this than to economics.

The Potential of the Primitive Mind

So if the illusion of mans mind is confined to this primitive state of being, as a pet is subservient to its "Owners". Then where is Modern Mans potential at? Where is the Key to escape from his cages?
Upon breaking down the theatrical horror we have unknowingly accepted all these years in what has become our lives(like dominos they fall with thud). We now know that the hardest part isn't unlocking the cage, but to a take step out.
Taking a step out here, becoming part of the world again is great! Although its feared, its in all actuality alot less dangerous then civilisation. Daniel Quinn writes about it in his book "Ishmael", but its obvious he got it from other people who have said it like Jane Goodall or Romain Baertsoen who have lived amongnst other animals(Chimpanzees and Gorillas) who cared enough to accept them as part of their family.
To give you an idea of the basic concept pertaining to the entire vast Situation.
i would like to bring in Religion and science and how a new concept should be sweeping through in what one could call evolution. (This is what the Elite is trying to stop or take control of).
This Out/Insight coinciding with every thought we've ever had will be overhauled and hopefully resetting all disfunct programs built upon our innate beginnings will be used as a catalyst to rise above the confines of manufactured consent,and double speak word trivia of these necessary illusions.
If people start thinking that everything that is going on is an extension of themselves. Then they'll start caring and worse yet, questioning and thats a problem if they are questioning about things that have a potential for making alot of GNP, like trees,the air(pollution),animals(don't be fooled ,they do have feelings), or even God. Its not that we'll all be anarchist,its that we will be thinking outside of their neatly constructed box. "the only thing we have to Fear is fear itself"MLK, makes so much sense doesn't it.Control.


"When Sri Bhagavan was 3 years old ,his experience then was that the whole universe was an extension of himself".( Onenessuniversity.org) Scienctist have stated that the energy in our bodies runs like that of a house, but besides running through wires or through our bodies nerves,synapses,organs,etc..it also resonates outward into infinity such as the orbits of atoms do. Just as our bodies resonate outward,they seem to resonate inward also in what David Bohm Suggest that there may be an infinite series of implicate orders, each having both a matter aspect and a conscious aspect, "Everything material is also mental and everything mental is also material,but there are many more infinitely subtle levels of matter than we are Aware of". this is what he refers to as the implicate domain or an extended form of materialism ," It could equally well be called idealism, spirit,consciouness, The seperation of the two matter & spirit is an abstraction.The ground is always One".
(ourworld.compuserve.com) Mae-Wan Ho's theory of Quantum Coherence, his ideal states that the "organism is a quantum superposition of coherent activities ,with instantaneous(nonLocal) noiseless intercommunication". This gives explanation to when people say the same things at the same time, or when you think of someone and they call you.They are figuring out that our brains operate on a conscious level of wave collapse and in a reality of another dimension where time and space are not bound by the same rules that our universe is bound by. We are living and conscious of more then one reality. We are taught to ignore this or not taught about it at all. Its called Quantum nonlocality which was first published by Einstein Polosky,and Rosen in 1935. Quantum non locality is when one seperate physical system is affected by another with out being connected and also instantly at a subatomic level. Its not faster then the speed of light, rather that its not limited by the speed of lights reality.
Our minds operate at this time/space reality and also at a subatomic reality where distance is irrelevent, and instantaneous communication is probably abundant, but we look right over this concept like we are supposed too, as told by the distraction(s) of everyday life.Nature has shown us that our concept of separate units(tree,cat,worm,dog,feces)is fundamentally wrong!

Arguements and Conclusion

I think seperation only exist in the mind, in our thoughts and if we thought less like that, we would be more conscious of the state ourself. The trouble is this tapping into what our bodies are already tapping into is obstructed by how we think about things. Our concepts are proving to be more damaging then good. I always thought Philosophy was about finding the truth and then i discovered it was about creating the truth (lie). With Kants "What Is" vs. "What OUghtta Be". Its seems that alot of philosophers that were famous and gained notority really had a narrow scope of mind, of vision. I had Really hoped for more, alot more through out the ages, i hoped that the rest of the world was trying to catch up, but instead people have been more clamped down upon because of it, i have a real problem with this.
. Thank God for Nietzche though! I wonder if he wrote the way he did so he could get away with thinking so far out of the box.
"What Oughhta be", is a lie from its basic origin. It isn't even relevant to anything except power,control,and dominion which are illusions.
The most damaging fact about "what Oughtta be" is that it is what our scope of
reality is based on. It is what most of our mainstream teachings are about.
Its what keeps us locked in our cages.
It seems that whenever someone has a new discovery , or insight, its controlled and catergorized and all the essense of the discovery is destroyed.Even in daily life when people go on and on about describing something to make someone think a certian way(like them) about something, i think they are truly robbing the person of the experience.Theres the experience, and then there is the dissection of labels ,words and catergories, what if we started instantly communicating the whole entire experience, it would be less manipulated and lie excessive.
These concepts mentioned above (instant connectedness and quantum non locality), should be taught in schools. I mean they really arent hard to coceptualize even for probably a forth grader, just add some imagination in there. Actually all thse ideas arent hard to understand, its just that you have to specify in a certian field so you can really think partially un-obstructed by the "powers that be" of control. Everything is so easy to understand, and its so far from the mainstream realm of thought...when the only thing you forsake or loose thinking "that way to this way" is your illusions (rent INSTINCT). And That is a healthy thing.

thought processing to destroy mode. (the closing statement)

"We" the destroyers
live in a world of illusion,
based on lies handed down to us through-out the ages, but espicially since the industrial revolution where people started really questioning God and then the Printing press at the same time administered Anxiety techinques to mask the once Strong Lie(God). Please don't forget the effects of WW2 and the Military Industrial Complex's seizure of the direction of things to come.
an Original thought is said to be hard to achieve.
This is milarchy!
Our conditioning programs are so thorough that that thought is doing what it is supposed to be doing:Projecting a condition of mind to not question the foundation or fundamentals of the Structure of Power and Control.
Since things can only be thought so far in the programmed reality(lie,illusion,of individual),
there is an evolution of mind to think according to the greater picture, thats if you let it happen and not fall prey to the preying claws of dissection and labelling.
All these answers in books,speeches,rhetoric, i believe are missing one fundamental element.
A way out.
Science will protect your findings but it will also give fuel to the concept of control.
So the only way to think originally is to think "outside the box",
with out words, without normal concepts.
changing the basis of our personalilty plates way back at its early stages.
Changing Concepts of God, of science...
a complete over haul of the entire system through normal evolution projection of when we start focusing on progression through unlearning.

I would like to end this if such a concept exist:
we are one
we are nothing
we are everything
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The Primitive Mind of Modern Man. [17 Nov 2006|03:37pm]

thought processing to label, identify, destroy mode.

"We" the destroyers
live in a world of illusion,
based on lies handed down to us through-out the ages, but espicially since the industrial revolution where people started really questioning God and then the Printing press at the same time administered Anxiety techinques to mask the once Strong Lie(God). Please don't forget the effects of WW2 and the Military Industrial Complex's seizure of the direction of things to come.
an Original thought is said to be hard to achieve.
This is milarchy!
Our conditioning programs are so thorough that that thought is doing what it is supposed to be doing:Projecting a condition of mind to not question the foundation or fundamentals of the Structure of Power and Control.
Since things can only be thought so far in the programmed reality(lie,illusion,of individual),
there is an evolution of mind to think according to the greater picture, thats if you let it happen and not fall prey to the preying claws of dissection and labelling.
All these answers in books,speeches,rhetoric, i believe are missing one fundamental element.
A way out.
Science will protect your findings but it will also give fuel to the concept of control.
So the only way to think originally is to think "outside the box",
with out words, without normal concepts.
changing the basis of our persanailty plates way back at its early stages.
Changing Concepts of God, of science...
a complete over haul of the entire system will happen once you begin.
It can get depressing but every aspect of "life" will be that much better when we start focusing on progression through unlearning.

[08 Nov 2006|04:04pm]

the only Absolute upon my findings is that there arent any.
therefore the only consistent absolute is the fact that there arent any.
you might be asking if this is meaningless or not?
but nothing in meaningless and even "nothing" has meaning.
These are what i term laws of the entire vast situation, and even though it may seem to some of you that these are just "brain fuckins".
I would like very much to disagree.
"brain fuckins" are things that are prescribed to you for you to serve or obey as control mediums
such as this type of government or this corporate comercial on this fabulous undeniably swell product.
these are a couple distractions in a sea of them.
so lets recap!
-The only absolute is that there arent any
-nothing is meaningless because even nothing has meaning
heres a bonus one
-the end is a happenning place
Now you might be going mad right now, thats good because you were born into insanity and
"drastic times call for drastic measures!"
Why is the end a happenning place?
here is an explanation:
this end ,this thought you are reading right now at the end of its explanation ,the end of your voice in your mind reading these words is the end and its continual as you read every word now .
...up its gone.
but yet you are still at the end of your thoughts and anything and everything else that is going on in the situation.
the end just happens to be a very happennnng place.
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Am i Dead? [20 Oct 2006|10:18pm]

it seems that people think deep on their own perspective but wont go any further back then that.
how many times have i heard someone say to some effect ,"well dont you understand that you have your reality and i have mine and what ever that is ,is what it is"
I'm getting a lil tired of this perspective.
look its not hard...take yourself out of the equation ...
Now tell me where you will go with these thoughts, show me-
do not look at me, for now i do not even exist.

i think Humans have been stunted in their growth cause all there truths and knowledge is based on trying to uphold a lie.
And the lie is that our framework of this reality, with its structures,and words ,is on an impossible mission to make a fabricated truth.
Government.. uh uhh
education..., its just another catalyst to our demise because it only serves to control and safe guard what the fabrication deems a neccesary illusion.
we live in a wicked world of "what ought to be Real"
and we try to make it so,
when we should be living in a "What is Real" world
and try to make the "i" position grow.

the "i" position .
I am this body and these organs and these cells and synaptic clefts.
I am the air,and gamma rays,and the sun light
I am the broccoli,the cat fish, the potatoes and the water.
I am this rock,this cool ocean breeze, this flower, my mother, and father
i am this planet,this god,this universe.
I am am one, i am nothing, i am everything.
i am one entity throughout.
"We are One ,We Are Nothing, We are Everything"

when people start viewing things as part of themselves , like birds and water and pollution
and stop seperating things into catergories.
we will start being more conscious .
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common beliefs revisited [15 Oct 2006|12:42pm]

[ mood | sleepy ]

did primitive man have sex with many woman like a barbarian(ideal we are taught to believe) or did he have sex with one or few ,raising a family and going on hunting and gathering trips for days and then coming back and rejoicing,loving ,sharing?

did you know neanderthals had bigger brains then humans?and communicated alot differently?

did you know the energy in your body works sort of like the wiring in a house but in the body it not only travels through the nerves and synapses but also travels around it like a ring and extends to infinity?

people talk about coincidences and when they thought about someone and that person calls a minute later???could it be that we are intuned to one another(trees,animals,mountians,rocks,fish)
that a new reality of thinking(one more truthful,less deceitful) is at our fingertips?
is this the next evolutionary step?

i have come to realise more now then ever that we are ONE.
we are one big giant ...entity stuck pretending we are a robotic part of an eartly machine and acting as so...


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