Resurrectum (timber723) wrote in anotherway,

ever seen that Movie...
"What the Bleep do We Know?"
i just saw it the other night....
i thought it was good, i rewinded quite a bit because of the Epiphanical thoughts they described in it.
has anyone else seen it?
its insinc with sihmael, and story of B.
if you havent seen it, See It!
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Yeah...I own the movie. I think it's amazing. The book is very wonderful as well. My boyfriend thinks I'm crazy but hell, I've pretty much read everything by Daniel Quinn. There is a lot I feel we as humans are quite capable of if we all come together and realize it! In a sense we are all God's. I am a Christian and to me it would do nothing more than please God than for us to realize our own Divinities.
i'm gonna check out that book!
yeah its a whole different/real view..i like thinking about the movie alot!
There's a longer version of What the Bleep out there called Down the Rabbit Hole-- it gets into quantum physics a lot more than the first version. A lot of the same footage is reused in Down the Rabbit Hole, but I find the scientific explanations very interesting.
what? where do you find something like this?
make sure you take the movie with a grain of salt. It has been heavily criticized by scientists, even one or two of the scientists interviewed in the movie. The critics mostly claim that they fail to make a connection between concepts in quatum mechanics and spirituality, that quatum theories only apply at the subatomic level, and that they seriously fail to present or consider viewpoints contrary to their own.

I have seen parts, but i was very tired, so i myself can't pass any sort of judgement, but i know a bit about quantum physics and string theory, and the stuff is so confusing that it could easily be misinterpreted and misrepresented.