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Bees are vanishing

But people from all demographic groups across the country are facing a much more frightening real-life situation: the disappearance of millions of bees. This winter, in more than 20 states, beekeepers have noticed that their honeybees have mysteriously vanished, leaving behind no clues as to their whereabouts. There are no tell-tale dead bodies either inside colonies or out in front of hives, where bees typically deposit corpses of dead nestmates.

What’s more, the afflicted colonies tend to be full of honey, pollen and larvae, as if all of the workers in the nest precipitously decamped on some prearranged signal. Beekeepers are up in arms — last month, leaders in the business met with research scientists and government officials in Florida to figure out why the bees are disappearing and how to stop the losses. Nobody had any answers.

Honeybees are the major commercial pollinator for, well, whatever you eat that isn't wind-pollinated (pretty much anything from any plant that's not a grass) in the US. Even some cattle feed is bee-pollinated. The populations were already under pressure from parasites, disease, & pesticide pollution.

This is, no joke, a threat to the survival of our food supply. If this becomes a new trend, on top of the overfishing of the oceans, we're screwed. "End of civilization looms, join a Cthulhu cult," screwed.

I'm crossposting this all over, & I'm sleep-deprived enough to just be rude, but I have to say it:

Daniel Quinn never, in the Ishmael/B books, offered any solutions (except for that fuzzy romantic "tribalism" crap). He was just trying to get you to see outside the comforting lies of conventional wisdom. But in the end, when he started saying, "We're in the hands of the gods," (Which book was that? Providence?) he let apathy sneak back in. We don't need nihilism, or a peaceful embrace of our own irrelevance. We need to be willing to fight for the future of our planet.

And what or whom do we need to fight? Our fellow human beings, partly; those who oppose consercation. But also the threat of so much beauty being destroyed through our ignorance & laziness. I'm pretty ignorant & lazy myself. But we need to be ... we need to be like Dmitri Bilenkin characters, who see the pain & difficulty of the world, & work to fix things because we have no other moral option.
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Daniel Quinn never, in the Ishmael/B books, offered any solutions (except for that fuzzy romantic "tribalism" crap).

It's far from "fuzzy." I mean, maybe it is in the sequels to Ishmael, which I haven't read, but I found his descriptions in Beyond Civilization to be a pretty clear guide for actual solutions. One of his points is that fighting our fellow human beings, just like declaring war on drugs or homelessness, is a flawed approach because it still buys into our problematic societal myths. Just like dealing with a mental illness, we have to address the roots of the issues, not attack the symptoms. Besides, if we really want change, let's take a pointer from the mistakes of the Democratic party and accept the fact that simply stating that the other side is wrong isn't enough to get people on your side. We need to present a viable, preferable alternative to the destructive status quo if we want to gain support. Creation is the answer, not fighting.
Is there a source on this bees story? I'd like more information...
Here is one source, specifically about Colorado.

NPR (national public radio) covered it and you can go to their site for a feed.
basically what "WE" use on termites to disrupt them cognivetly is also screwing the honey bees up too! Makes them forget how to get home, along with the other household insecticide sprays.
Albert Einstein said that when the Honey Bees are gone ,the human race will follow within 4 years, which brings us after we do the simple math to 2011 and a half, which is very close to the Mayan Last year of 2012. -twilight zone music plays in the background-
So do i care,
is this the apocolypse.
Well One can only hope!
ofcourse i care or i wouldnt have paid any mind.
The problem is , this is a business run society, Democrat/Republican Business interest.
they arent running on environmental interest, that would be just silly.
What kind of money, besides none, can be gained from the environement.
Thats when the true nature of the illusion presents itself
+liars lying in lies+
We're all guilty to some degree by our ignorance,our tax dollars,our servitude to be silent and obey above or below anything else that we might already be feeling guilty about.
the person who wrote the original post here
is obviously really depressed about this !
Our Planet will be fine, ok.
it always has been, it`ll fix itself and if we arent around anymore cause we have been a bunch of polluting submissve jerks, then so be it.
World War 2
was a defining time in the lives of humans here on earth.
That was the birth of the Military Industrial Complex
and thats why things are so screwed up now...its a definite pinpoint if you want to do the research..thats why our houses and land became polluted because the miltary needed to do something with all the left over chemical agents so they sold them to us so we may poison our environments. (homes,yards,crops,gardens,our kids,our selves.)
for research,try these interesting things:
"Why We Fight" is a good video, can be rented at Block Buster of all Places
A Peoples History of The United State, by Howard Zinn is a good book also.
or search "Military Industrial Complex" and be prepared to take a few deep breaths

sounds like you're ready for some derrick jensen. Endgame is his latest. I feel like he's the next step, and he'll get you motivated, but his "solution" is basically "fuck it up." He gives lip service to creative, positive solutions, but that's not what he's about. One of the big pieces of solution is localization.
Thanks for this, I actually found out about this from my mom- she seen it on the news at 1AM. My grandparents were beekeepers so we know just how important they are. This is only the worst thing to happen in a long time! Couldn't even make prime-time...ridiculous. Do you mind my reposting to my blogs? I love your commentary, too.