consciouschrist (consciouschrist) wrote in anotherway,

Hello - I notice this community isn't posted to all that often, but I wanted to write something here anyway.
Ishmael has become one of my "bible"s in a lot of ways. And I've just started to notice that some of Quinn's ideals have spread FAR beyond my environmental worldview. For example, the idea that "There is No One Right Way" has invaded my thinking to the farthest reaches. I've noticed myself having a hard time (which of course, is a problem in me as well) with people who think there is only one right way to do or say or understand something. They might even be willing to say "ok, your way is right for you, but this is my way, and I'm going to keep it."
I want to say to them, "how are you ever going to grow and learn, and even interact with others, if you only accept ONE RIGHT WAY?"
Perhaps the test of an enlightened mind (which I don't claim to have, but to strive for) is to be able to hold unlimited possibilities in your head, without judging or choosing between them. I noticed a post recommending the movie "What the @#$%@! Do We Know?" - this is one of the kernals that can be drawn from that movie - there is never just one right way to view or understand ANYthing, because things are always in motion, and nothing is as solid as it seems.

That's all I have to say right now. Peace to you all!
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