Resurrectum (timber723) wrote in anotherway,

From The Sidelines

Its the best suspense thriller going on!

thats how i look at it, but like everyone else i cant wait to see the end either.

theres some deep rooted seriousness in all this too, maybe thats why i view it all as a joke, because i'm a character too, playing my part, taking my cues..saying my peas . Affected by all the "what ifs" my mind can conjour up. Controlled somehow by myself, kept in line by everyone else. The saddest thing thoiugh is that i think everyone knows this and when they get to the thought where you take that monkey off your back,they get scared and run or close their eyes..its pretty sick.

Because they lack the vision too see something, whats real, whats actually going on and know its all right. They, or we are just caught up in something called domestication or civilization or something that resembles a cage. The picture we are looking for is where questions takes answers place and solace found in that is as concrete as answers ever tried to be, maybe its just so simple...maybe its no so far off as it seems.
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