Resurrectum (timber723) wrote in anotherway,

common beliefs revisited

did primitive man have sex with many woman like a barbarian(ideal we are taught to believe) or did he have sex with one or few ,raising a family and going on hunting and gathering trips for days and then coming back and rejoicing,loving ,sharing?

did you know neanderthals had bigger brains then humans?and communicated alot differently?

did you know the energy in your body works sort of like the wiring in a house but in the body it not only travels through the nerves and synapses but also travels around it like a ring and extends to infinity?

people talk about coincidences and when they thought about someone and that person calls a minute later???could it be that we are intuned to one another(trees,animals,mountians,rocks,fish)
that a new reality of thinking(one more truthful,less deceitful) is at our fingertips?
is this the next evolutionary step?

i have come to realise more now then ever that we are ONE.
we are one big giant ...entity stuck pretending we are a robotic part of an eartly machine and acting as so...

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