Resurrectum (timber723) wrote in anotherway,

Am i Dead?

it seems that people think deep on their own perspective but wont go any further back then that.
how many times have i heard someone say to some effect ,"well dont you understand that you have your reality and i have mine and what ever that is ,is what it is"
I'm getting a lil tired of this perspective.
look its not hard...take yourself out of the equation ...
Now tell me where you will go with these thoughts, show me-
do not look at me, for now i do not even exist.

i think Humans have been stunted in their growth cause all there truths and knowledge is based on trying to uphold a lie.
And the lie is that our framework of this reality, with its structures,and words ,is on an impossible mission to make a fabricated truth.
Government.. uh uhh
education..., its just another catalyst to our demise because it only serves to control and safe guard what the fabrication deems a neccesary illusion.
we live in a wicked world of "what ought to be Real"
and we try to make it so,
when we should be living in a "What is Real" world
and try to make the "i" position grow.

the "i" position .
I am this body and these organs and these cells and synaptic clefts.
I am the air,and gamma rays,and the sun light
I am the broccoli,the cat fish, the potatoes and the water.
I am this rock,this cool ocean breeze, this flower, my mother, and father
i am this planet,this god,this universe.
I am am one, i am nothing, i am everything.
i am one entity throughout.
"We are One ,We Are Nothing, We are Everything"

when people start viewing things as part of themselves , like birds and water and pollution
and stop seperating things into catergories.
we will start being more conscious .
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