Resurrectum (timber723) wrote in anotherway,

the only Absolute upon my findings is that there arent any.
therefore the only consistent absolute is the fact that there arent any.
you might be asking if this is meaningless or not?
but nothing in meaningless and even "nothing" has meaning.
These are what i term laws of the entire vast situation, and even though it may seem to some of you that these are just "brain fuckins".
I would like very much to disagree.
"brain fuckins" are things that are prescribed to you for you to serve or obey as control mediums
such as this type of government or this corporate comercial on this fabulous undeniably swell product.
these are a couple distractions in a sea of them.
so lets recap!
-The only absolute is that there arent any
-nothing is meaningless because even nothing has meaning
heres a bonus one
-the end is a happenning place
Now you might be going mad right now, thats good because you were born into insanity and
"drastic times call for drastic measures!"
Why is the end a happenning place?
here is an explanation:
this end ,this thought you are reading right now at the end of its explanation ,the end of your voice in your mind reading these words is the end and its continual as you read every word now .
...up its gone.
but yet you are still at the end of your thoughts and anything and everything else that is going on in the situation.
the end just happens to be a very happennnng place.
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Nothing means anything inherently. Meaning is subjective and existence is punctual. We are at the end of nothing, rather, we are forever at the cusp of no-more and not-yet. There is nowhere but here and no time but now. This is an absolute fact. The only thing that matters is what we do about it.
or we are at the end of everything.
and or how we think about it.
this has nothing to do with the content of your posts (I swear), but every time I see your userpic I think you must be a drunk fratboy.
hahahahahahahha, actually i look more like a cave man right now.
Wait A Second!
you can't post that to me with a picture of yourself like that.
you look way more like a frat boy then i do.
me= a drunk
you= fratboy
i guess i'll have to take a vote on my other journal.
i hope you are wrong.
haha touché... I think it's the dixie cup that really does it.
now thats a sweet picture!