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The Primitive Mind of Modern Man.

thought processing to label, identify, destroy mode.

"We" the destroyers
live in a world of illusion,
based on lies handed down to us through-out the ages, but espicially since the industrial revolution where people started really questioning God and then the Printing press at the same time administered Anxiety techinques to mask the once Strong Lie(God). Please don't forget the effects of WW2 and the Military Industrial Complex's seizure of the direction of things to come.
an Original thought is said to be hard to achieve.
This is milarchy!
Our conditioning programs are so thorough that that thought is doing what it is supposed to be doing:Projecting a condition of mind to not question the foundation or fundamentals of the Structure of Power and Control.
Since things can only be thought so far in the programmed reality(lie,illusion,of individual),
there is an evolution of mind to think according to the greater picture, thats if you let it happen and not fall prey to the preying claws of dissection and labelling.
All these answers in books,speeches,rhetoric, i believe are missing one fundamental element.
A way out.
Science will protect your findings but it will also give fuel to the concept of control.
So the only way to think originally is to think "outside the box",
with out words, without normal concepts.
changing the basis of our persanailty plates way back at its early stages.
Changing Concepts of God, of science...
a complete over haul of the entire system will happen once you begin.
It can get depressing but every aspect of "life" will be that much better when we start focusing on progression through unlearning.
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